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Cleantech Concepts is a research and media company focusing on innovation at the R&D level across a range of cleantech sectors. The company’s mission is to alert its broad audiences to cutting-edge research results and new technology implementations. Cleantech Concepts monitors and analyzes developments and trends in cleantech R&D, including renewables, oil & gas, energy efficiency, electronics, energy software, and new materials. Through technology scouting and screening we seek to facilitate investment in proven clean technology by strategics looking to expand their technology portfolios. The firm publishes trend articles and research reports, and we speak at conferences about new technologies and trends that are just over the horizon. Subscribers include corporations, government agencies, NGOs, government-funded R&D labs, and research universities worldwide. The company operates out of Berkeley, California.

The Cleantech Concepts Media Team

The website’s expert science editors have years of experience in clarifying technology for business audiences. Cleantech Concepts is published by Tom Breunig, a technology industry veteran, cleantech writer, and international communications executive.

Contributing editor David Smith is a writer and marketing consultant focusing on clean tech. He has held creative and marketing executive positions in technology companies and marketing agencies, and has a background in journalism and electrical engineering. He has consulted with emerging start-ups and Fortune 500 companies on market positioning, branding and communications strategies. An EV enthusiast, he has spoken on B2B marketing and social media at a variety of industry events.

Writer Rachel Berkowitz began her science writing career as the founding contributor to Physics Today’s ‘Down to Earth’ column from 2011-2014. After completing her Ph.D. (2013) in geophysics in Cambridge, England, she took a science writing/communications position at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She now divides her time between working on an artificial intelligence start-up company, called i2k Connect, and writing for scientific publications based in the US and Europe.

Anne-Irene Leino is a freelancer writer based in Helsinki, Finland. She is interested in sustainability, recycling and waste management, and energy efficiency. She managed marketing activity at the Paroc Group, an international rockwool insulation producer and developer of sustainable building and design concepts. She is fluent in Russian and has a degree in Russian language and Asian economics.